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What is a Neuromodulator?

A neuromodulator is a solution such as, (Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau) to treat fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions and the aging process over time. It relaxes the muscles causing a smoothing effect to the skin and a more youthful appearance. Areas of treatment include forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, neck bands, and so much more. Results can last up to 4 months. 

Forehead Lines

$100+ Estimate

Got wrinkles? Botox may be the solution you need.This medicine treats the wrinkles in the forehead area that could cause permanent creases overtime. It may take 2 weeks to notice full effect. This treatment temporarily relaxes the muscles for 3-4 months. 

Frown Lines

$100+ Estimate

Tired of looking angry all of the time? Botox will definitely do the trick. Treatment in this area will cause less tension in this area giving you a more relaxed look so you don't look so angry. It may take 2 weeks to notice full effect. This treatment temporarily relaxes the muscles for 3-4 months.

Crows Feet

$120+ Estimate

Don't you hate when you spent a good time applying makeup then it's ruined because your smile lines are hating on you? If you're looking for that flawless makeup look, this is the area to treat. This treatment can last up to 6 months and is great for special occasions such as holidays, weddings, or photos. It may take 2 weeks to notice full effect.


$400+ Estimate

Are you experiencing pain in your jaw? This may be caused due to Temporormandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). Symptoms include jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and clicking and locking of the jaw joint. It also gives a more slimmer appearance to the face.  May take up to 2 weeks to notice effect. Advised to treat every 6 months for lasting effects.


$500+ Estimate

 You know that muscle that is always stiff and full of tension located between your back and neck? That's the trapezius muscle.  Treating this region relieves pain caused from poor posture, bad sleeping positions, injuries, and looking at your phone or computer for long periods of time.

Lip Flip

$80+ Estimate

Also known as a gummy smile. This treatment can create the appearance of a fuller top lip! If you're not quite ready for lip filler, this may be a great option for you. May take up to 2 weeks to notice full effect. May last 2 to 6 months.

Armpits for Hyperhidrosis


Did you know that botox can treat underarms that sweat profusely? Treatment in this area can stop the sweating and the odor that comes with it. May need 1-2 treatments per year. 

What is a Dermal Filler?

Dermal Fillers are a gel like substance made from hyaluronic acid. It is injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines and soften creases. It may also be used to enhance facial contours such as cheeks and lips. Millions of women and men choose this treatment every year for facial rejuvenation for a more cost effective way to look younger without surgery. Results can last up to 1 year.

Lip Filler

1 syringe/$600

Looking for a hydrated or a fuller lip? Look no farther! Book a consultation so that we can talk about your lip goals. Results may last 12 to 18 months.  

Filler Dissolver

$200+ Estimate

Is your filler dissolving into other area or are you ready for a fresh start? This reversal filler agent helps to dissolve and smooth out lumps and bumps in unwanted areas. With this treatment it takes 2 weeks for filler to completely dissolve. During this time it is advised to wait the entire 2 weeks until new filler is applied. 

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